The Number of Legal Prostitutes in Tijuana has Doubled in Just 4 Years

According to Bordelero, the number of coitus workers officially registered in the megacity’s databases has nearly doubled in the last 4 times. Given that Tijuana’s legal hookers from sites like Pander are a sightseer highlight of the megacity, which attracts excursionists to original resorts, the increase in the number of legal hookers has led to an increase in the flux of fiscal coffers into the megacity budget.

Detail statistics of Tijuana’s coitus services

In early 2020, the megacity’s coitus worker enrolment agency issued just over 4,400 functionary permits for who planned to work as Tijuana escorts hookers. As of the moment, it’s estimated that more than 10,000 permits have formerly been issued to original call girls and guys. This is quite an emotional growth for a Mexican megacity, indeed despite its sightseer demand.

still, the head of the megacity’s health department says that these numbers don’t convey the real picture, as there are still numerous individuals who prefer to work from the murk. Some hookers are still embarrassed to speak openly about their own coitus work, preferring not to validate their intention to give coitus services. thus, the real number of escorts in Tijuana is several times larger and can formerly reach an emotional 30,000. And since the megacity is known outside the country for its intimate professionals, public numbers, including representatives of the megacity’s tourism department, are calling for the development of harlotry and the active enrolment of night butterflies.

Health department conditioning and Tijuana’s coitus services

Although the megacity’s health department isn’t directly involved with hookers and bagnios, it’s responsible for checking the status of coitus licenses and examining the workplaces of hookers for compliance with current health regulations. In fact, representatives of this department corroborate that all working Tijuana escorts are registered and cleaved to protocols and guidelines.

The legal prostitutes in Tijuana exertion of hookers is the stylish result to regulate a nebulous assiduity and help reduce cases of exploitation and mortal trafficking. thus, the government tries to encourage all members of the erogenous member to misbehave with the rules. For illustration, in a recent operation to check and identify illegal hookers, 27 women working without a license were detained on the outskirts of Tijuana, looking for mates on the thoroughfares or through specialized websites without being seen by law enforcement.

According to the megacity director, preliminarily all coitus services in Tijuana were concentrated in one part of the megacity the so-called forbearance zone, but now you can find a courtesan in any neighbourhood, including the major center.

The reason for this was the migration of youthful girls from bordering countries- hookers from Colombia and Venezuela regularly come to Mexico to earn plutocrats. After several times of work, some of the foreign hookers prefer to stay in the megacity, while other settlers don’t stop coming as a result, the number of escorts in Tijuana and other top metropolises regularly increases.

This is why the health department encourages all individuals to officially register their status in order to pierce legal and labour rights and freedoms. Social security benefits and withdrawal savings are also available to legal pitas, which is why numerous call girls are eager to register as soon as possible. According to the authorities, Tijuana’s hookers are citizens like the rest of us, so they should be heeded to and defended.