Buttplugs: Types and the Best Lubricant to Use

Butt plugs can be the end stop or a stepping stone to bigger and better gadgets that will completely open you up. It all depends on what you’re interested in and what you want to achieve. Buttplugs are the ideal toy for anal play because they are also a great preparation tool for penetrative anal sex and useful for prostate stimulation.

Butt plugs have the power to instantly transform your sexual life from ordinary to fabulous. To avoid writing checks your butt can’t cash, think twice before rushing to the closest sex shop (website) to get your hot paws on one of these nasty boys.

Kinds of Butt Plugs

Come one, come all, and choose the plug that is best for you! There is something for everyone in the world of sex toys. Do you wish to experiment with a water-based silicone butt plug in the shower? Done! Do you require a bullet vibrator that will nicely plug you in and send shivers down your spine with scrumptious pulsing? not a problem. However, involve some research for the best results.

The Best Lubricants to Use

Unlike vaginas, butts don’t offer that sweet and oh-so-convenient self-lubrication. That means that no matter what you approach your butt with, you have to lube it. 

You can use an oil-based lubricant if you’re just taking the plug for a solo ride. However, if you’re playing with your partner or have invited a couple of people to your bed, you should definitely use plugs with condoms. If that’s the case (and it should be), you should stick to lubes that have a water or silicone base. Oil-based lubes can break down the latex the condoms are made of, which isn’t something you want to worry about.

On the other hand, silicone-based lubricants can eat away at silicone toys. Although thicker and generally better for anal play, silicone lube can damage your plug if it’s of the same material. You can work around that by buying a glass or steel plug or by sticking to water-based lube.

With this, ensure you know in-depth and choose the right butplug.